Dog Photographer Catch


Dog Photographer Catch Project

The “Catch Project” was an idea I had to try and show a different side to dogs that their owners do not really ever see.

Having photographed thousands of dogs in my career, I truly love trying to capture the true character of a dog and what better way to do this than to photograph it chasing something, i.e. a ball or a dummy. During the chase all the dog can focus on is catching the said item and bringing it back to their owner. This really is high speed photography at its best, capturing those fractions of a second where the dog is in hot pursuit.

Some of the photographs in this project can turn fully domesticated loveable dogs into what appears to be frenzied killers!!! their mouths wide open and teeth showing,drool dripping, they look a million miles away from that sleepy snoring pooch who lays in front of the fire every night.

It is exactly this look that I wanted to capture, the wild dog that lies within every one of our best friends, driven by an instinct to hunt down their prey in this case a tennis ball, dummy , kong toy etc and thankfully not me. Although I have had some severe collisions in photographing this project and on one occasion even a black eye from an over enthusiastic Labrador.

In a lot of cases when I have shown the images to the dogs owners they can’t believe its their dog, they have never seen them looking like this before and that really is what this project is about.

I will be updating the “Catch Dog” gallery regularly so please bookmark this page and keep coming back. I am trying many different angles on this theme to really expand the photographic depth of this project.

Thank you for looking.
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