Wall art

Wall art

Viewing photographs on a computer screen is great and can offer tremendous flexibility however, many clients have asked me to assist them in turning their commissioned photographs into fine pieces of “Wall Art” which can look stunning in virtually any environment.

It is this continued demand for advice that has prompted me to offer all of my clients, the option of a post shoot “Wall Art Consultation”

“Wall Art Consultation” 4 Stages

1. The consultation can take place either in your own home*, or over the telephone using an online gallery facility.

2. A selected number of images will be displayed to you from the photo-shoot, based on your original brief.

3. Once the images have been chosen, I will present a wide selection of hand made frames and mounting options as well as detailed Canvas Wraps available in all sizes.

The finest materials are used at all times to ensure that your images look as good as the day they were produced.

All prints are produced by one of the best photographic laboratories in the country; we do not produce prints on home printers!!!!!

4. Once your “Wall Art” has been made it can either be delivered to your home by myself**, collected or professionally packed and posted to your door via our “next working day” courier service.

By commissioning me to take your photographs, you are obviously looking for high quality, original images you can cherish forever and so they deserve to be presented professionally and in the finest materials available.