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If you aspire to take better photographs of your dogs or are looking to become a professional photographer my photography courses really could be for you.

I run the Dog Photography courses in the UK, Europe and America. I now offer two day courses, beginners course and One to One Training and very soon three day specialist courses for people looking at setting up their own photography business.

They really are open to everyone and at any level. I have had complete novices who only picked up their camera days before, to International sports photographers who are looking to improve their skills in different genre.

You don’t need the top of the range camera to attend, students have a range of camera’s from compacts, bridge camera’s to the very latest DSLR camera’s. They all work in the same way so the theory and practice apply to them all.

There is a lot to learn but the courses are tremendous fun and the feedback from my students has been incredible, please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

The courses go back to the very basics and I teach you firstly to understand how a camera sees light and records light. Its vital that you understand how the camera does this to ensure that your photographs are consistant and if something does go wrong you know how to correct it.

In order that we can put our new skills into practice, a good part of the course will be spent outside photographing some highly trained gun dogs in incredible surroundings, which really allows every one to practice with me by their side to offer helpful tips and guidance along the way.

Dog Photography Course July UK

Two Day Dog Photography Course

The two day course is an extension of the one day course and allows us to go into more detail and for me to share more hints and tips on how I get the very best from my camera and the dogs I am working with.

The course is ideal for beginners or professionals. The day includes classroom tutorials and two doggie photo shoots one each day to ensure you get to take away some wonderful dog shots for your portfolio.

This course is ideal if you were looking to

1. Understand how your camera works using shutter speed, aperture and ISO and be able to create the photos you really want to take.
2. Take portrait and action shots that really stand out.
3. Understand how to get the very best from the dogs you are photographing and how to work with their owners.
4. Edit your images in a very natural way that will really give your images the WOW factor.
5. Feel more confident with your photography.
6. Take some wonderful photos for your portfolio/website.
7. Be one of over two hundred dog photographers who have access to ongoing support through my online photography group.
8. Learn hints and tips from the UK’s leading Dog Photographer.

What you will need to attend the course

1. Digital camera either DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera
2. Laptop or tablet to view your images.
3. Outdoor clothing
4. Memory cards
5. YOU!!!

The two day course is brilliant for people who may have further to travel as we have a course meal on the first evening which is included in the course price, it’s is a great opportunity for everyone to unwind and discuss what went well and not so well during the first day.

I will throughout the two days show you how I bring the photos into the computer and get the very best from them by sharing my workflow with you, I hold nothing back and show you how I create images that really have that extra WOW factor!!

All attendees will get access to my exclusive Facebook group which is a great way to share your photos and get valuable critique on your work, from over 160 students Worldwide

Its an action packed fun two days and I know that by the end of the course you will be a much more confident and consistent photographer.

All this for just £395.00 per person- course is limited to just 10 people

Dog Photography Course One Day

Dog Photographer Course Training

Dog Photographer

If you prefer to learn on a one to one basis I am available for One To One tuition to work on any aspect of photography you may require assistance with.

Minimum two hours tuition cost £170.00 and £70.00 per hour therafter.

Dog Photography Training Testimonials

I learned so much in one day, it transformed my ‘nice’ images into something I am extremely proud of, thanks Andy, I am a far better photographer because of you! - Tracey Bridger

Everything was made so easy to understand, for someone who thought they knew what they were doing, I now realise that its much easier than I was making it for myself and I know which settings to turn which ways when things aren’t going as planned! Would love to come back for another day after using my newly learnt skills - massive bonus was the editing side which I have played with but as before I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing but now I have so muich more open to me. Eternally grateful Andy!! - Emma Constance

The course was well organised from start to finish. A perfect combination of serious stuff and fun! Andy, you have an incredible skill in balancing the course for all abilities. I have come away with an even more critical eye which can only be good thing! The course content was great, especially the addition of a brief Lightroom tutorial. I can’t wait to return for the top up course. Thank you Andy, for sharing your skills and experience and for inspiring so many others! -Rachel Watkins

“It’s always such a joy when you find someone whose work you admire and then you get to meet them and find they are as articulate, humble and genuinely talented as you hoped they would be.
The training day was fast-paced, but not overwhelming. I learned so much from Andy and he brought along five fantastic doggy models of different breeds, sizes, colour and temperament for us to photograph.
Each dog was completely in their element and I got some superb action shots. Each was allowed to shine as they darted across different terrains that included thick cover, woodland and some excellent open water.
The training and support didn’t stop when the course finished and Andy has shown a genuine interest in how I’ve been getting on. I can’t wait to go back for the advanced course in 2014.”
Sandy Kitching, Westmorland Gazette

Supportive, informative, useful and fun - a thoroughly enjoyable course that I would recommend to everybody, professionals and dog owners alike - Pam Mackinnon

Really enjoyable day, fun and informative and open to all. Although I didn’t have a big fancy camera I was made to feel just as welcomed as every one else. Thank you for sharing! -Beck Trek

I have been on a number of basic photography courses but it’s was Andy’s course that really hit home for me! The way he explains things and how he sticks to crucial information made it very easy to understand and remember. Plus the practical afternoon of putting things into practice really helped me to learn how to apply my new knowledge. - Ruth Turner

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