Dog Photographer Eye Dog Project


The Dog Photographer Eye Dog Project

As a professional Dog Photographer I am always looking at different ways to photographs dogs and it was during a photo shoot a few months ago that I had the idea of creating a new project called “Eye Dog”

As the saying goes the “eyes are the gateway to the soul” and this saying has always struck a chord with me and it was when I was looking through my lens into a dogs eye on a private commission I caught a glimpse of the reflection of the dogs owner in their eye. It was this moment that sent a tingle down my back and “Eye Dog Project” was born.

I had no idea how the project would be received as it was completely different to my usual style of photography, but when I posted some test images on social media sites the response was incredible and the comments were very supportive. So I decided to take a few more images really concentrating on catching the owners reflection and again the feedback was amazing, I really seemed to have touched a nerve with dog owners which as a photographer is my biggest praise and reward.

I am now taking lots of different “Eye Dog” images and so please keep coming back to this gallery as it will be updated regularly. I am also looking at publishing a book of the best images within the project.